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Also, should you decide not to continue with Mobile Doula then you will still be able to login to your practice on your iPad/iPhone/Mac indefinitely for no cost whatsoever. That is because even though your data is synchronized with our servers it is also on your iPad/iPhone/Mac.

Getting Started

  • 1.
    Download app from App Store.

    Click on the large App Store image above or go to the App Store from your iPad and search for Mobile Doula. It can also be found on the Mac app store if you have Mac OS Catalina installed.

  • 2.
    Create a practice.

    Once you have installed the Mobile Doula app you can click here to create an account and then login from the Apple device using your selected practice name, username and password.

  • 3.
    Start using Mobile Doula.

    Now you can login to the practice you created. You can add more users if you have other users in your practice. You can login with different users on the same iPad or use multiple iPads for the same user.

Single : 3 Users and up to 10 pregnant/postpartum moms. $22/month. You pay no taxes, no other fees and there are no commitments.

This plan is perfect for a single Doula. If the number of moms that are pregnant or in postpartum that are receiving care does not exceed 10 then this plan is a great choice! With three user accounts you can create one for yourself, one for your assistant and one for your backup Doula. Any of these user accounts can login from any iPad at any time.

Grande : 5 Users and up to 20 pregnant/postpartum moms. ($39/mo)

This plan is perfect for a small team of two or three Doulas. Up to 20 moms that are pregnant or in postpartum can be active in the system at any one time. You can operate up to 5 Apple devices simultaneously at different appointments. Changes are synchronized between the devices every few minutes. If one iPad is not connected to the internet, it will synchronize as soon as it detects a connection.

Venti : 10 Users and up to 40 pregnant/postpartum moms. ($79/mo)

This plan is for a practice with multiple Doulas and assistants.

Need a custom plan ??

If your practice requires more than 40 active pregnant/postpartum moms then give us a call. We can create any plan that fits your needs. You can also click Create Account below and choose from many other larger plans and see pricing.