Daly Enterprises, Inc will not license, disclose, sell or otherwise share information gathered on or through this website except as required by law or otherwise described in this Terms, Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Customers may cancel service at any time as there is no contract. There are no refunds. To cancel service please email with the effective date that you want your services cancelled. Phone calls are not an acceptable form of contact for cancellation requests.

Use and disclosure of health information and patient records (“health information”) is subject to extensive United States Federal and State regulation, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Each Daly Enterprises, Inc Customer and each program or website User agree to comply at all times with their respective obligations under HIPAA, all regulations promulgated thereunder from time to time and all other applicable Federal and State laws and regulations. While Daly Enterprises, Inc provides an infrastructure for effective storage, retrieval and distribution of health information, making medical and/or legal determinations on disclosure, sharing and distribution of information is solely the responsibility of Customers, Users, and their advisors.

Daly Enterprises, Inc takes many precautions to protect our Customers’ information. When customers submit sensitive information through our website we protect it both online and offline. On-line we are using encryption authentication (such as passwords and SecurID), and a firewall to protect our Customers’ data. Off-line we protect the data through both physical and operating system security.

Access to health information and patient information will be strictly controlled by passwords, and in some cases authentication devices and PIN numbers, issued to individual program or website Users. It is the responsibility of each User to maintain secrecy of passwords, PIN numbers and other security measures at all times to prevent unauthorized use and access. Customers and Users shall indemnify Daly Enterprises, Inc from and against all liability, loss or damage arising from unauthorized use of User passwords, PIN numbers, and/or authentication devices, unless such unauthorized use is solely attributable to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Daly Enterprises, Inc.

Misuse of Daly Enterprises, Inc information via hacking, spamming, solicitations (whether commercial or non-commercial), or transmission of information that is harmful, obscene, harassing, libelous or illegal is strictly forbidden. Any such activity, and any other violation of this Terms, Conditions and Privacy Statement may result in termination of applicable services by Daly Enterprises, Inc to the Customer or User without notice and entitle Daly Enterprises, Inc to all other remedies available under applicable law. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, termination may also result if Daly Enterprises, Inc has reason to believe that a Customer or User is not in compliance with laws governing privacy or disclosure of health information or that a patient consent has been withdrawn or revoked.

Existing Customers and individual program and website Users will occasionally receive information about products and services. We respect the privacy of our clientele and offer the option not to receive these optional types of communications. We reserve the right to communicate with our Customers for support purposes or such other reasons that we feel are required.

Daly Enterprises, Inc will post any changes to these Terms, Conditions and Privacy Statement on this page.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or other internet-system usage conditions, please call us at 214-783-6303. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.