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Mobile Doula from Prenatals to Postpartum

Mobile Doula is the premier electronic charting and Doula health records software for the iPad. Doulas hand their iPad to the client and they fill out their entire health history and sign all documents and consent forms. Then the Doula uses the iPad to record prenatal visits, labor & delivery, postpartum visits, billing, create tasks, notes and anything you can possibly think a Doula, CD, DONA or CBC would need to record. IT'S TIME TO GO PAPERLESS!!!

Mobile Doula / EMR Patient Electronic Charting

• Record all patient information including health history, prior pregnancies, financial information and so much more. • Record client visits, prenatal visits, labor flow, delivery, immediate postpartum, postpartum visits, etc. • Record plan of care and your assessment. • Record phone conversations, texts, emails • Reminder system & Track customer billing. View all outstanding balances for all clients. • Create tasks and assign them to other staff members or yourself. • Schedule appointments from within Mobile Doula on your iPad calendar • Choose from a full set of built in CPT and ICD codes to help you bill insurance • Print, Fax, Email or export any part of the client record as a password protected PDF! • NOW you can go PAPERLESS!! Import PDFs and create a document template by dropping text boxes, check boxes and signature boxes wherever needed on the PDF to make it fully interactive. Once you create your document templates your new clients will be guided to sign all of the documents as part of their sign up process after they complete their health history information using only their finger or a stylus.

Download the iPad Mobile Doula App for Doulas

You can start electronically charting labor & delivery today by following three simple steps.

About Our Tablet & Computer Software Company

Developing EMR software for the iPad for Doulas, CD, Certified Doula, DONA or CBCE that can hold client visits, prenatal visits, labor flow, delivery, immediate postpartum, postpartum visits, etc and support document signing is no trivial task even for the most experienced of software development firms. With over 20 years of software development experience our founder was able to lead the right team to get the job done with not only a set of amazing capabilities but also with best-in-class quality.

Mobile Doula Practice Management System PMS

Natural holistic breastfeeding and midwifery care is at the center of our value system at Mobile Doula & Mobile Midwife EHR. We designed our iPad app with just that in mind. We want to hear from you and improve our software to better fit your needs as Doulas striving to bring better, safer and healthier breastfeeding to our communities.

Go PAPERLESS!! Electronic Charting, Health & Medical Records, Document Signing and everything else Mobile Doula makes it possible to say bye to paper

What's wrong with paper?  Paper can easily get misplaced or destroyed. Paper is also bulky and there are limits on how much you can carry with you. What if you are at a restaurant or the grocery store and you get called to an appointment? Where are your paper records? Where is your computer software? With Mobile Doula all you need is your iPad, actually it can be anyone's iPad. Just login to Mobile Doula from anywhere and access ALL your records. No internet? No problem!! If you have already logged in once before on any given iPad then your data is already downloaded on that iPad (unless you cleared it out with the delete practice feature).